Traditional Products Ltd

Wooden Staircase Component Manufacurer

Key Points

  • 980kW Boiler
  • 75 m3 Conical Bottom Silo
  • Automatic Tube Cleaning
  • Accredited onto the RHI Scheme

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Traditional Products

980kW Wood Burning Equipment with Automatic Tube Cleaning

Wooden Staircase Component Manufacturer

Traditional Products Ltd is a family run business that has been manufacturing wooden staircase components since 1984. As a staircase manufacturer the wood waste they produce is dry material. Our system is designed to operate with wood fuel of maximum moisture content of 20% with average moisture of 15% expressed as a percentage of the total weight.

Ranheat Engineering installed a 980kW Boiler based wood-waste burning equipment, with a 4.0m diameter, 75 m3 conical bottom silo, with Ranheat fixed retort and automatic de-ashing.

Pipework system consisting of 8 Sabiana AC610 unit heater providing spot heating to 3 areas in main factory. Automatic Tube cleaning system based on compressed air at 8 bar including air compressor.

Class 2 heat meters to comply with requirements of RHI.

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