J C Atkinson

Manufacturer and distributor of coffins

Key Points

  • 293 kW Boiler
  • 700 kW Boiler
  • Carbon Trust Loan
  • Upgrade from Warm Air Heater to Boiler
  • RHI Eligible

Portfolio - J C Atkinson, Washington, Tyne & Wear

J C Atkinson Boiler

Two Boilers and Silo with AHU

Manufacturer and Distributor of Coffins

JC Atkinson manufactures and distributes over 60,000 coffins a year from their factory in the North East, which is waste free, energy independent and carbon neutral. They have a long heritage of producing beautifully crafted coffins from high quality materials.

In 2007 J C Atkinson had a Ranheat 600kW warm air heater installed; they contacted us once again with a project that consisted of upgrading the heating and process drying system. The Company's drying facility is for drying the finished product and the drying plant is now connected to a Ranheat 293 kW water boiler.

A second plant, a Ranheat 700 kW Boiler was also connected to a conical bottom silo with an AHU and connected to the paint line to form a common system and a mounting for the high level heaters to heat the factory was included.

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