HG Timber

Suppliers of specialised timber products

Key Points

  • 980 kW Boiler
  • Automatic De-ashing System
  • Step Grate
  • Savings of around 220 tons of CO2 per year
  • RHI Eligible

Portfolio - HG Timber, Gawcot, Buckingham

HG Timber Silo with Boiler Housing

Boiler and Heater and Silo with De-ashing System

Specialised Timber Products

H G Timber Ltd has been producing timber products since 1945. Over many years the company has grown, developed and adapted to become one of the UK leading suppliers of specialised timber products. Relocation to a new site in Buckingham as part of a £4,000,000 investment project will allow them to produce the highest quality products with the least impact on the environment.

A 980kW Ranheat boiler was installed to enable the energy from their wood waste to run two kilns and heat the production area, reducing their carbon footprint and saving around 220 tons of C02 every year.

Their plant also included a 5.0m diameter, 80m3 conical bottom silo, with an automatic de-ashing system, a purpose made building to house the boiler and all ancillary components and an automatic tube cleaning system.

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