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The Carbon Trust Siemens Financial Services Loans for Energy Saving Projects

The Carbon Trust/Siemens Financial ServicesIf you are an Organisation in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, a Carbon Trust / Siemens Financial Services Energy efficiency Loan could completely fund your energy saving project, including installation.

The cost of loan repayments may even be offset by the value of the energy savings you make.

At Ranheat Engineering Ltd we can help you access an energy efficiency Loan from the Carbon Trust/Siemens Financial Services. To find out more about the Carbon Trust, please click the Carbon Trust/Siemens Logo. Interest free loans are still available in Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change

Visit the Department of Energy and Climate Change for more information on the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.

Ofgem E-Serve Renewable Heat Incentive

Visit the Ofgem Renewable Heat incentive website for further information.

The Woodworking Machinery Suppliers Association

WMSATo visit the Workworking Machinery Suppliers Association's web site, please follow the link on the left.

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