Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wood can I burn?

All types including MDF, MFC soft and hard woods, plywood, hardboard - in fact all types of wood and wood-derived products.

How much wood do I need?

Plants are available for people who produce bags of shavings and and skips of off-cuts of 6 tonnes per week; this would cater for a 150kW plant, right up to companies who produce 100s of tonnes per week.

Isn't burning wood harmful to the environment and doesn't it produce greenhouse gasses?

The burning of wood does produce a small amount of CO and CO2 but the trees absorb CO2 during their growth. As far as the planet is concerned, wood burning is carbon-neutral. This is why almost 100% of Ranheat installations are funded by the Carbon Trust. It is worth noting that wood contains no Sulphur or Methane, unlike conventional fuels.

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