Clifford Jones

Saw Mill

Key Points

  • 980kW Boiler
  • Connection to 2 Kilns
  • Flat Bottom Silo
  • Step Grate

Portfolio - Clifford Jones

Clifford Jones Kiln

980kW Boiler with Flat Bottomed Silo

Saw Mill

Clifford Jones Timber has provided high quality timber products for the construction of industrial, commercial and domestic landscapes for over 60 years. As a Saw Mill, the waste wood produced is wet material. The system is designed to operate with wood fuel of maximum moisture content of 45%, with average moisture of 30% expressed as a percentage of the total weight.

Ranheat Engineering installed a 980 kW Boiler based wood-waste burning equipment with a 2.5m wide, 8m long, 50m3 flat bottom silo, with a Ranheat step grate, automatic de-ashing and connection to 2 kilns.

Automatic Tube cleaning system based on compressed air at 8 bar including air compressor.
Purpose made building to house boiler, complete with electric roller shutter door and personnel door.

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